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My Passion is Sports Photography, 

Nature, Animals and People

About Ericka

About Me


I have loved taking pictures since I was about 12 years old when I received my very first camera, a Kodak Disc 4000.  I am lucky to be gifted artistic talents from both my Grandfather "Poppa" and Father as a young girl.  Since then, my passion for photography has grown exponentially and I am proud to catch frequent glimpses of Poppa's talents in many of my nature based creations.   

Some of my favorite subjects include  equestrian sports, water sports, animals, birds, nature, architecture  and people. 

Inside the Viewfinder


While my equipment has become more technologically advanced, my heart stays true to capturing photos that are simplistic yet tell beautiful and exciting stories.   

It is my passion to create images that are a true reflection of the nature and excitement of the subject I am shooting whether it is a beautiful sunset, a special family event or a fast moving athlete.

Sharing Stories


Through my images, I invite you to bring bits of my photographic passion into your life and home.   Some of my work is available printed on canvas for your home.   Thank you for visiting my website.   Please contact me directly to discuss making memories together by photographing your special event, action adventures,  senior portraits or family photos.

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Photos By Ericka

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